XIII G. Vahari MÄV
Lihula, 30-Sep-23
Lihula, 30-Sep-23 
Girls U10 13->
List of winners253035404550Club-Results
Single results253035404550
Competition sheet (PDF)253035404550
Girls U12 11->
List of winners303540455055Club-Results
Single results303540455055
Competition sheet (PDF)303540455055
U10 13->
List of winners202326293235384247535868Club-Results
Single results202326293235384247535868
Competition sheet (PDF)202326293235384247535868
Girls U15 08->
List of winners45505560Club-Results
Single results45505560
Competition sheet (PDF)45505560
U12 11->
List of winners3035404550556070Club-Results
Single results3035404550556070
Competition sheet (PDF)3035404550556070
U17 06-07
List of winners51556065718092110120Club-Results
Single results51556065718092110120
Competition sheet (PDF)51556065718092110120
U15 08-09
List of winners38414448525762687585100Club-Results
Single results38414448525762687585100
Competition sheet (PDF)38414448525762687585100
Club-Results All
List of winners as text file (tab separated)List of winners as text fileSingle matches
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Match list NoMatch ListBeginning
10Leht 10 (finished)
9Leht 9 (finished)
8Leht 8 (finished)
7Leht 7 (finished)
6Leht 6 (finished)
5Leht 5 (finished)
4Leht 4 (finished)
3Leht 3 (finished)
2Leht 2 (finished)
1Leht 1 (finished)
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