Nordic Championship 2019
Daugavpils, Latvia, 03.-4.05.2019
Daugavpils, Latvia, 03.-4.05.2019 
Cadets WW
List of winners43464953576165Club-Results
Single results43464953576165
Competition sheet (PDF)43464953576165
Cadets FS
List of winners4851556065718092110Club-Results
Single results4851556065718092110
Competition sheet (PDF)4851556065718092110
Cadets GR
List of winners454851556065718092110Club-Results
Single results454851556065718092110
Competition sheet (PDF)454851556065718092110
Juniors GR
List of winners556063677277828797130Club-Results
Single results556063677277828797130
Competition sheet (PDF)556063677277828797130
Club-Results All
Club-Results Women FS
Club-Results Freestyle
Club-Results Greco
List of winners as text file (tab separated)List of winners as text fileSingle matches
List of winners as PDF file All matches (PDF) 
Match list NoMatch ListBeginning
26Mat C sheet 9 (finished)
25Mat C sheet 8 (finished)
24Mat C sheet 7 (finished)
23Mat B sheet 9 (finished)
22Mat A sheet 8 (finished)
21Mat C sheet 6 (finished)
20Mat B sheet 8 (finished)
19Mat A sheet 7 (finished)
18Mat C sheet 5 (finished)
17Mat B sheet 7 (finished)
16Mat A sheet 6 (finished)
15Mat B sheet 6 (finished)
14Mat C sheet 4 (finished)
13Mat B sheet 5 (finished)
12Mat A sheet 5 (finished)
11Mat B sheet 4 (finished)
10Mat A sheet 4 (finished)
9Mat C sheet 3 (finished)
8Mat B sheet 3 (finished)
7Mat C sheet 2 (finished)
6Mat B sheet 2 (finished)
5Mat A sheet 3 (finished)
4Mat A sheet 2 (finished)
3Mat C sheet 1 cadets GR (finished)
2Mat B sheet 1 juniors GR (finished)
1MAT A sheet 1cadets FS & WW (finished)
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