19. Tapa maadluspäev
Tapa, 22.10.2022
Tapa, 22.10.2022 
Kr-r tšisk.
List of winners6067778797130
Single results6067778797130
Competition sheet (PDF)6067778797130
Naistem.30-42 WW
List of winners303642
Single results303642
Competition sheet (PDF)303642
Kr-r kad & noored
List of winners262932353842454851556065718092110
Single results262932353842454851556065718092110
Competition sheet (PDF)262932353842454851556065718092110
Naistem.50-+68 WW
List of winners505357626878
Single results505357626878
Competition sheet (PDF)505357626878
List of winners as text file (tab separated)List of winners as text fileSingle matches
List of winners as PDF file All matches (PDF) 
Match list NoMatch ListBeginning
15Matt B leht 8 (finished)
14Matt A leht 7 (finished)
13Matt B leht 7 (finished)
12Matt A leht 6 (finished)
11Matt B leht 6 (finished)
10Matt B leht 5 (finished)
9Matt A leht 5 (finished)
8Matt B leht 4 (finished)
7Matt A leht 4 (finished)
6Matt B leht 3 (finished)
5Matt A leht 3 (finished)
4Matt B leht 2 (finished)
3Matt A leht 2 (finished)
2Matt B leht 1 (finished)
1Matt A leht 1 (finished)
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